DYNO ROBIN EGG BLUE Edition by Fluffyhouse for pre-orders now

Fluffyhouse sends word of their new release, aptly featuring their lover-lorn “DYNO”, emerging for you Valentine’s Day purchasing considerations = Witness the DYNO ROBIN EGG BLUE Edition! This 4" tall vinyl figure can be pre-ordered here for US$42.00 (Shipment: March 2017).
"DYNO has been living on the earth for nearly a year. Walking through the days of sorrow, he is so grateful to receive the warm care from many different friends here. As his mood changes, part of his lost colourful skin has even been recovered. To memorise such a gift of love, Dyno turns his skin into "Robin Egg Blue" to meet you all in this Valentine's day which is his birthday as well. "


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