EL MIGHTY - Mighty Luchador Vinyl Figures by Carlo Flores x So Electric x Ruby Raygun

DISBURST PRESS: "Born from fire and lightening The Mighty Luchador is a brand of colorful and adventurous luchadores inspired by well-known lucha-libre icons! World renowned for their agility and strength, each one is 7" tall with their own heroic, rambunctious attitude ready to tear down walls and borders. Created by So Electric and Ruby Raygun in their first ever whirlwind entry into urban toy culture. The Mighty Luchador premiered at DesignerCon to great enthusiasm and will be debuting at Wondercon 2017. The three Luchador colorways come in special branded boxes featuring artwork by Eric Hibbeler and in a very limited edition of only 200 pieces each."

With a SRP of US$34, do check in with your fav retailer(s) for availability of “El Mighty”, and his compatriots in the ring; “Siniestro” (skull-face) and “La Sombra” (the GID blank) … and stay connected to the official instagram of The Mighty Luchador™ @ @themightyluchador

Source: Disburst


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