ELEVEN - #StrangerThings Art Toy from Oasim Karmieh

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One of the more standout fictional media characters of the Year 2016, has to be “ELEVEN” from Netflix’s “Stranger Things” TV series (played by breakout actress Millie Bobby Brown), resulting in a myriad of adaptations into collectibles - from unlicensed to licensed Pop!Vinyls!

And it’s not over yet! With the coming of Season 2, and the constant streaming of Netflix, the series and it’s characters do not necessarily become a “past memory” (with “reruns” to help them survive ignormity - as regular cable shows are wont to be), as they are constantly being “discovered” by new viewers and fans.

On the “collectible toy”-front, there’s a NEW figure to be had of “Eleven”, with her eggos “in-action”! (*The curved-up Eggo-sculpt was an inspired touch!)

"Eleven figurine is part of a collection of custom and handcrafted toys, that has been sculpted and hand painted by Oasim Karmieh based on a beautiful illustration by Rocio Garcia.

It stands at around 6 inches / 15 cm tall without the base and 6.5 inches / 16 cm tall with the base. Includes removable and posable Magnetic Eggos, and metallic base”
ELEVEN is priced at US$175.00, of a limited edition Signed and Numbered 20 Copies worldwide - Pre-order now www.karmieh.com. Expected to start shipping End of March 2017.

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