Feminamorphe II @ Woot Bear Opens Feb 25th


Woot Bear's next show, 'Feminamorphe II', boasts an all-girl roster curated by Candie Bolton and Tasha Zimich - where over 30 of the most talented ladies have assembled to present works inspired by “girl power” and “nature”.

Participating Artists include: Andrea Kang / Caitlin Hackett / Camilla d'Errico / Candie Bolton / Crystel's Cimeras / Diane McAmis / Eimi Takano / Fika Art Gretchen Lewis / Hikari Bambi / Horrible Adorables / Jp Neang / Kaori Hinata / KKAMoxo / Lana Crooks / Laura Colors / Magen Mitchell / Mayuko Nakamura / MJ Hsu / Odd Fauna / Rato Kim / Remjie / Renee French / Rhodora Jacob / Sabrina Elliott / Sarah Graybill / Seriously Silly K / Tasha Zimich / Teresa Chiba / Tina Lugo / Victoria Rose/ - Select previews of work-in-progress and/or final/finished artwork from which are featured in this post :)

You can see the very distinctive visual characteristics and styles in each artists’ work, showcasing a strong aesthetic both recognizable to this blog, and interesting to those unfamiliar, and as well a splendid showcase of current state of arts, regardless mee or female, IMHO - Which in THIS particular case, a possible K.O.punch with "GRRRL POWER"! LOL

Scroll down and see, and decide for yourselves, folks!

Opening Reception is on February 25th from 6-9pm for the most colorful and eclectic exhibition on Haight Street!

Note: Complete Price list can be supplied upon request. Please e- mail wootbear@wootbear.com to request a full price catalog of the show.

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