FUNKO Announcements & Reveals for New York Toy Fair #NYTF2017

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As the 2017 New York Toy Fair begins this weekend in the United States, Funko has since revealed/announced on a slew of licenses, including superhero-themed feature films such as SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING, JUSTIC LEAGUE and WONDER WOMAN, and from the land of television: WESTWORLD!

There are no doubt TONS more announcements, but these are the titles I feature on a regular basis, so … and I might get to feature more later on (like the above 90s Nickelodeon Pop!s), as the weekend proceeds, of course haha. But do feel free to head on to their Instagram @originalfunko for updates!

Meanwhile, scroll down for peeks, with links to my other hobby-blogs for individual images. No availability nor drop-dates has been announced as yet, but be sure to bug your fav retailer(s) - and feel free to show them the TOYSREVIL blog-posts! LOL

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*View individual images HERE on #popcornX for SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING!

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*View individual images of JUSTICE LEAGUE Pop!Vinyls HERE on #popcornX!

Hey, the gang’s ALL here - including the previously-“deceased” SUPERMAN, now “back” in his “Superhero Landing”-pose! Dead pool would be SSSSOOOO Proud! LOL

*View individual images for WONDER WOMAN Pop!s on #popcornX or #DCEUFilms!

“Other” feature films include Stephen King’s THE DARK TOWER novel as a feature film, and Universal’s THE MUMMY!

Another exciting news (for me anyways :p), is the announcement of HBO’s WESTWORLD given the Pop!Vinyl treatment! Check out individual images since uploaded HERE on #iliketeevee, and we’ll see what else the weekend brings!

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