“GLORY BUN” by ANTZ for #ChokingHazard: An Exhibition about Toys @ Kult Gallery, Singapore (Opening Feb 17th)

(*Sexy-sleezy Saxophone music plays in the background...) As dusk engulfs the land of the sunny side-up, pulsating neon lights caress the urban jungle and sings out to the night skies ”Come to me! COME INTO TO ME!”. And as the shadows grow hungrier, threatening to devour anyone who tries to hide in it’s protection, a lone bunny slips out into the back alleys of infamy… for a good time, plz call “GLORY BUN”!

This is a custom toy submission from ANTZ of RSCLS, for the coming “Choking Hazard: An Exhibition about Toys” group art show, launching Friday February 17th @ Kult Gallery (@ Emily Hill, Blk C2-5, 11 Upper Wilkie Rd, Singapore 228120)!

Customised from an old electric rabbit toy into a blowup sex bunny doll - Kult calls anoints this thusly: ”blow-up bunny blowjobs - now a thing thanks to @antz_rscls' contribution to our upcoming exhibit.” and I see a suitable box that comes with it too! YOU try explaining this piece to your kids! LOL

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“Choking Hazard: An Exhibition about Toys” exhibits thru March 18th, 2017.

ADDED: Seen @ Choking Hazard! *More images to come!