Happy Valentine’s Day, TOYSREVIL-Readers!

As the night draws close to an end to February 14th here in Singapore, it is the dawn of Valentine’s Day in other parts of the world! I’d like to wish everyone - celebrating or otherwise - a fabulously Toy-Ful Day regardless! (*Double Hi-5 if you scored a toy collectible LOL)

Two images to celebrate the day with, with you, my dear readers! With the above from Avengergram, featuring The Vision doing his best “SaltBae”-move for The Scarlet Witch … unlike the movie, they were a couple in the comicbooks, and were married at one time too :)

While featured below is an utterly apt comic-strip from Bangkok-based illustrator SUNDAE KIDS (Instagram / Facebook / Contact: sundaekids@gmail.com), that is a reminder for everyone, that a single day might not represent your entire heart … but it is an opportunity to share it, IMHO :)

Enjoy the Day, folks!

SUNDAE KIDS Valentines


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