INSTINCTOY for Wonder Festival 2017 Winter (Feb 19): Metallic Blue MINI VINCENT & RE-RET (ZOMBIE)

For their upcoming Feb 19th booth at Wonder Festival 2017 Winter (*Booth 4-02-06), INSTINCTOY has since announced two collectibles to be had (no doubt with MORE to come) - featuring MINI VINCENT (above) and 『RE-RET 2nd color (ZOMBIE)』!

"Metallic Blue” is the second colorway of their MINI VINCENT, and slated for a release in a “very limited number” of pieces - with the venue price being 9,500 yen tax. Do note that “General sales” is scheduled for the end of March via a lottery sale, so this is your chance to snag it first!

The T9G × INSTINCTOY 『RE-RET 2nd color (ZOMBIE)』 will be released at Wonder Festival, also in limited quantities. It is made with a G.I.D base and will glow like a “ZOMBIE” in the dark. Price is 14,500 yen, with the official release date as well planned for the end of March.

First-come-first-serve for both items, people!

Stay tuned to updated on Instagram @ instinctoy_hiroto_ohkubo (Source)


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