Introducing ARTIST mini SOFUBI SERIES from INSTINCTOY with T9G × INSTINCTOY × Shoko Nakazawa Prototypes at Wonder Festival 2017 Winter

INSTINCTOY reveals images of their newest sofubi project, that is to be based on two famous artists' character creations: Shoko Nakazawa and T9G’s BYRON, RANGEAS and RANGERON! Ever heard a grown adult steal with joy and excitement?


The trio of creatures seen here spot new sculpts, and are smaller than the VAG Series (Baby Byron) from Medicom Toy, with the prototype Byron coming in at only 42mm tall! Hiroto Ohkubo of INSTINCTOY added;
"It comes with two interchangeable tail accessories, and you can either display it normally or make it into a phone-strap by changing the tail. When the tail is in a sagging position, he appears very weak. Its appearance really draws out our sympathy. It looks really cute on tiptoe too! The mass-production figures will be scaled down by 9% from the prototypes you see at the show site.

The concept of these newest mini series is as same as the mini Liquids that represent the concept of being『always together』. "

The first series of the 『ARTIST mini SOFUBI SERIES』 features 3 types shown here, are planned for release in May. Folks heading to Wonder Festival 2017 Winter will get to see the up-close, so make your way to Booth no.4-02-06! And don’t forget their Mini Vincent, Re-Ret Zombie and Yu Shou Long exclusive colorway can be had too!

Source: @instinctoy_hiroto_ohkubo