Introducing FRANK! Incognito by MITOYS

Our creature that is all lovable!
But not the brightest in his mind..
Journeying across distant lands and stars.
To make sure he will not be the last of his kind!
Join FRANK! On his quest, as he attracts and stumbles..
But never giving up to finding his true love!

Created by Zhongxian at MITOYS - who started customising BE@RBRICKS, to now designing his first character! Introducing; "FRANK!" :)

FRANK! stands 4-inch tall, and will be handmade in solid resin. Exceedingly interesting is FRANK!’s removable “duck-Bill” and "duck tail" / "Butt", and his guise revealed in the comic-strip below … can we expect MORE characters FRANK! will adopt in the future? #FUN

Currently in production stage, FRANK! will be available to purchase on, priced at US$55! Stay tuned for updates on release details on their Facebook page! Also note that each release will include a limited full colour comic drawn by the Jason Wang - seen below, and serialised on their FB-page too!

FRANK comic by Jason Wang x MITOYS

I’d asked FRANK!’s creator the “origin” of his creation, and why the name “FRANK”, and this was what he shared;

”A creature from the outer worlds
Journeying across distant lands and stars
On a misson to be NOT the last of his kind!

Problem that he was not the smartest of his race ..

I looked around.. Beautiful she was..

I have to first blend in ..

I need a ‘name’ … checking..

I must be most sincere..
open, or undisguised ..


(Cheers of the headsup Zhongxian!)