Kamen Rider / Masked Rider FTW!

Seeing the above clip of Facebook, reminded me that I’ve always been more of a Rider-fan, than I have been Power Rangers, or even Ultraman, of the tokusatsu-genre, truth be told! one of my earlier toy dreams was to own one of their “Cyclone” motorbikes! And who could resist RIDER KICK! Which at the height of kung-fu mania in the late-70s, thanks to Bruce Lee and televisions shows such as these (and the Super Sentai etc lol).

It’s an excerpt / climax for “Kamen Rider Decade: All Riders vs. Dai-Shocker” - the FULL movie of which I have since featured on I Not Otaku!, if you so please (In Japanese language but with no English subs tho - I watched it anyway! LOL).

Alas thru the years’ I’ve as-yet to procure a Cyclone (it MUST be a 1/6th-scale one or nothing lol), but I’ve had a small select collection of Masked / Kamen Rider figures - which in my youth I had termed “蚂蚁王” (Chinese translated to “Ant King”, because I thought they looked like ANTS with their helmet and feelers LOL), instead of their “grasshopper”-themed aesthetic! Funnily, maybe ti also because I dod not have a chance to see a real-life grasshopper in person (*true story, bro) hahahaha

I was fortunate to snag a couple of larger-sized figures last year, with this snaps a prelude to (eventual) review in the days to come :)

#MaskedRider 1&2 from Bandai #shortlisted for #toptentoys2016 #toylife #toysreviltoptentoysof2016

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Then THIS popped-up on my social media stream from Medicom Toy! Introducing “RAH Dx Kamen Rider Shin 1 ver. 2.5” and a new Cyclone! *wistful-sigh*