KAWS BFF 2016 Plush on kawsone.com (“Remaining stock” drop)

KAWSONE EMAILER SAID: "We found a few remaining stock of KAWS BFF PLUSH (BLACK VERSION) at the studio! We have decided to make them available on http://kawsone.com tomorrow at noon EST just to see if our website still works."

Missed scoring your BLACK KAWS BFF PLUSH when they were unleashed 3+ months ago? Paid thru your cyber-nose for them in the after-markets? Either way, you still might have a chance at procuring this “designer branded plush” (which the general masses still call in Singapore; “Soft Toy”) on Friday February 10th (*Noon EST) online via kawsone.com and hope that; (A) the kawsone.com website does not hang, or (B) you don’t get cart-jacked.

Be ready to fork out US$200 (*excluding shipping costs) or a chance to own and cuddle the faux XX-eyed dead-mutant-Elmo … or NOT, and snag yourselves a bootleg version(s) seen in the pic below (HAH) and imagine that schweet lady boxing and mailing it to you, if that floats your boat (I will not judge you) … Either way: Good Luck and Happy Toy-Hunting!


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