Unbox Industries Does Pat Mills & Kevin O'Neill’s MARSHAL LAW As A Collectible Figure!

If you’ve noticed the teasers on the @unboxindustries Instagram stream, you know they have been working on MARSHAL LAW (scroll down to find out “WHO”, if you don’t already know, I won’t judge you) … and seems prototype (i.e.: Above pic of) will be making an appearance at the coming weekend’s “2000AD: Forty Years of Thrill-Power Festival” - in the hands of his own creator, Pat Mills!

Dan Willet at Unbox Industries mentioned a “tentative” July or August release (Thank goodness, because if it was “NOW”, I’d be frakked bad!).

Being a fan of the ultra-violent comicbook series from the late-80s, they have - in a six-issue limited series - managed to leave a mark, a “scar” of you will, of the comicbook times then, as frighteningly relevant as it might be now, actually. The world building - even as a “satire” - included characters and back history with a depth, which reminded me of Alan Moore’s “Watchmen”, actually …

Besides my belated youthful-fandom, since then I’d hardly seen any production collectible action figures, besides custom-makes, and can hardly fault anyone, as the theme and content of the comicbook itself didn’t exactly lend itself to the “mainstream masses” :p

WHAT-IS: "Marshal Law is an English-language superhero comic book series created by Pat Mills and Kevin O'Neill. Marshal Law was first published by Epic Comics in 1987. The series is a satire on the superhero genre as well as a deconstruction of Golden and Silver Age superheroes. The series is characterized by its extreme graphic violence and nudity, and Mills' skewering of superhero conventions and US government policy and society."
As much as I had hoped to see a media representation of the character and story - there was an animated project, although I doubt “live-action” was ever a consideration … ironically, with the current climate, and acceptance of non-P.C. fictional violence now, the character just might fit right in, innit? HAH!

WHO-IS: Marshal Law, is the government-sanctioned "super hero hunter" (aka law enforcement officer, or “cape killer”) with superpowers in the city of San Futuro, the near-future metropolis built from the ruins of San Francisco following a massive earthquake. Law's job is to take down other superheroes who have gone rogue, which he does with maximum force and great pleasure."