Mister Melty Sculpture from Buff Monster #NotAToy

Buff Monster reveals his first larger-sized sculpture of his Mister Melty, with images featured here of an unpainted white … as for “HOW BIG?”, you’ll just have to stay tuned for it’s reveal on Feb 16th, and “on view” February 17-18th … We’ll attempt to update you folks on the “WHERE” as well :)

Dude looks HUGE tho!
"I’m happy to announce the first larger-sized sculpture that I’ve ever made. We’ve been working on this piece for over a year, and it’s finally ready! We’ll release the very limited edition in NYC on February 16th; on view February 17-18. Mark your calendar!" - shared Buff Monster.

And if you are still wondering “What The Heck Is A Mister Melty?” = They have been earlier seen as character graphics on walls, print, trading cards and stickers, and made available as a resin collectible figures, and even a candle - which you can CLICK HERE to view continued coverage #onTOYSREVIL!


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