New JIANGSHI ACOLYTES by Daniel Yu for CHOKING HAZARD: An Exhibition about Toys @ Kult Gallery (Opens Feb 17)

(Above: Family portrait. Trio of Jiangshi Acolytes for Choking Hazard, hosted by @kultmagazine)

For the coming “Choking Hazard: An Exhibition about Toys” group art show - launching today Friday Feb 17th @ Kult Gallery (@ Emily Hill, Blk C2-5, 11 Upper Wilkie Rd, Singapore 228120) - local resin slinger extraordinaire Daniel Yu has sculpted up brand new JIANGSHI ACOLYTES, with an elongated “body” - seen above, flanking the ”usual” Jiangshi (think classic “Kenner” or Super7’s “ReAction” action figures), with the result in two editions: Regular Painted, and GID / Glow-in-the-Dark!

I love that the painted version has his own “coat” too! Very “Star Wars”-esque hahahaha

Articulation is via magnets in the shoulder/arms (seen in video clip below), and as well the “new” Jiangshi sports a pigtail / “Queue”, to give it that classic period dynasty-feel!

Sculpted by, hand-casted and hand-painted by Daniel himself - all the figures will be available at the show venue, and via @kultmagazine!

Stay connected to Daniel at Instagram @thedanielyu (all pics via), and CLICK HERE for ALL-“Daniel Yu” coverage on the TOYSREVIL=blog!

Scroll down for more snaps and video!

And it glows in the dark too.

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ADDED: Seen @ Choking Hazard! *MORE images to come!