Of Mininas & Jiangshi: Putrefaction from Chunkee Studios

Costa Rica-based Chunkee Studios shares with us news and a teaser WIP snap of their upcoming new product line, called “Mininas” - with the first “babe” introduced being “LUCY”!
"Chunkee Studios is back to introduce a new art product from our artists collective minds. This time we'll kick start with LUCY from our new line of limited edition painted resin busts called "Mininas". We plan on doing more crazy designs, please join our journey and stay tuned!" (facebook.com/chunkeestudios / instagram.com/chunkeestudios)
I’d asked Cheungkinmen (Main Artist and head at Chunkee Studios) what the word “Mininas” actually meant (Having constant pronouncing it “Minahs” in my mind as I prepped this post - my local peeps’ll understand the word - but you know I loves ya’ll, right? :p), to which he generously shared;
"“Mininas” (spanish) or “Meninas” (Portuguese), it literally means "female cat", but it is also a colloquial name for girls in certain parts of latin america specially in Brazil. We chose the name because the line will be composed of a wide arrange of different designs of cartoony girls in different situations, an astronaut ?, a girly alien ? a sexy cyborg ?, a power lifting amazon?, who knows." - shared Cheungkinmen.

And from their headsup, I discovered their insanely awesome “Jiangshi: Putrefaction”! A rotting jiangshi-head in a chinese tea cup? Currently available to purchase here for US$295.00 (Limited edition of 28 pieces available worldwide). Would buy this in a heartbeat or a “breath” (…if you know your jiangshi-lore :p) if I could, and offer any house guests who come a-visiting MWAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA

"The Jiangshi was left to rot on a dirty but magical pond by a famous vampire hunter by the name of Leung Ming. After the capture he proceeded to apply a powerful seal to keep him from coming alive. Should someone remove the seal, the Jiangshi would wake up from it's deep slumber forcing Leung Ming to come out of retirement to hunt one more time..."