Power Anger Junior Custom Show 2017 @ Bodypack Prodiger Space (Jan 29-Feb 5)

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Power Anger Junior Custom Show @ Bodypack Prodiger Space - exhibiting Jan 29th thru to February 5th, 2017. You can find out more about the event by CLICKING HERE. Featured here are videos and images of the customs on show (all images via @iky.z), and as well I’ve a quick Q&A with the creator of POWER ANGER JUNIOR himself; Rizky Zakaria!

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TOYSREVIL: How was "Power Anger Junior" created? What inspired his design and creation?
RIZKY ZAKARIA: “I designed Power Anger Junior in 2016. Power Anger (represents) the human embodiment of angry emotions. I'm imagining the emotion of anger inside human beings like “Kingdom Of Anger”, which consists of the King, Army, Boys and others. Power Anger Junior is a “Anger Boy”.”

TOYSREVIL: How did it feel to see so many customs and variations of your figure by artists? Which is your favourite custom?
RIZKY ZAKARIA: “Happy & Fantastic! They are awesome! They were great elaborations of the “power anger” concept. Some of my favourite works are from Abraham Deri, Yeyeyeaaghh, Mirfak Prabowo, Ops, Sapiptenktai, & yyobbi :)”
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