SIR SHILLING COPPERPENNY "Mourning Edition" by Doktor A Unleashes Feb 22nd

Doctor A readies to release a new series of figures (been quite a while too) featuring all-new hand-painted edition of his mini Mechtorian vinyl figure (circa 2008).
"Satin black with royal Purple, tarnished silver and white pinstripe. Each of these 3" tall figures is painted, signed, numbered and dated on the underside by Doktor A. Painted to the same high standard of any of the Doktor's gallery pieces. Each comes boxed."
The “Mourning Edition” of SIR SHILLING COPPERPENNY will be unleashed on Wednesday 22nd February at 6pm (UK time - GMT) online via Limited to only 20pcs, they are each priced at £65 (approx. US$80).

"Manager at the Bank of Retropolis. He has deep pockets and short arms. Although his heart is large (some would say just old fashioned) he loves his coin collection above all else… He has even toyed with the idea of having his beloved coins fashioned into a spouse."


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