Stranger Minis in M.U.S.C.L.E. from Alien Robot Monster!

And now that’s you seen the TV Spot for Season Two of Stranger Things, head-on to to core your own “Stranger Minis pack A. in M.U.S.C.L.E.”! Sized 1.5” tall (Kinkeshi size) in Flesh colorway, they are priced at US$30 and come blister packed. Currently being “restocked”, here are some more snaps to get you pumped up, including a previously released PURPLE colorway! Oh My…!

Thank you everyone 🙏! Stranger Minis are currently sold out, but will be restocked whenever possible. Shipping from the Upsidedown in progress 🙃. With the new store comes a new shipping procedure to learn. Speaking of the new store, please disregard any crazy price tags. It's just that Ecrater won't allow me to post a zero quantity item, so in order to make a place holder for sold out products, I have to put 1 in the store. But there actually isn't even 1 available now, so I'm forced to make the price high in order to prevent people from trying to buy the stand-in. You can see the actual price there in the description. Hope that makes sense. Enjoy the game! 🏈 #designertoy #designertoys #mouthbreather #theupsidedown #friendsdontlie #keshi #demogorgon #strangerthingsnetflix #strangerthingsart #strangerthingsfanart #arttoy #toydesign #customtoy #customtoys

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What's coming next? How about "Marbled"? *GASP*