THE IRON GOTH by Kosrobot Has Been Unleashed!

Konstantin Budkevich shares with us news of the release of his IRON GOTH resin figure (previously teased), currently available to purchase on - priced at US$55 each + $11 worldwide shipping.

With three versions of Iron Goth to choose from - "Original" (grey), "Blood" (red) and "Night" (black) - each hand-casted, hand-painted resin figure is 1/18 scale, stands 4 inches tall, features 11 points of articulation (pegs and balljoints), and will come in a canister with colourful artwork.

[ Individual images HERE on Facebook ]
”In a deep future or distant past...
A beautiful city of Grangard was one of the greatest cities on Midgard-Earth. Its majesty illuminated the galaxy with its light. Until Grey Koscheis came, destroying the city. And now the Iron Goth, protector of Grangard, will destroy them.”


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