The Return of Giant Robot zine as GIANT ROBOT MEDIA #robotawakens

Giant Robot zine will return as an digital publication, and as a new entity: “Giant Robot Media”. Digital Issue 00 is titled “THE ROBOT AWAKENS”, and you can sort yourselves out by subscribing to them on (Currently in Beta). No further news on the premiere date as yet.
PRESS: "The zine is back as a new entity: Giant Robot Media.

The mission of Giant Robot Media is to cultivate culture by informing, collaborating, and expanding our world. Our subject matter runs the spectrum. We intend to make Giant Robot Media continue the exploration of intersections of Asian, Asian American, and everything else.

It'll be an online platform. When you visit the Giant Robot Media site, you’ll find original videos, interviews, articles, and cool shit."
"I remember discovering GR magazines at my local comicbook shop years back, as they were the only folks I knew who brought them into Singapore, and devoured then whenever any issues were available, both "current" and back issues (most were pre-ordered in the first place, but sometimes the shop brought in extra copies), until later I would find them at Tower Records, and eventually bigger chain bookstores, which by then I had weaned myself off needing them, as the agony of not having them, became too much to bear, I sh*t you not … that, and I stopped having regular income and I had to curb my magazine-hoarding habits across the board ~ *cue-violin* hahahaha

A personal sign how much I loved reading them? I would bring them to the john with me. I would bring them along when I go out too, and they were read from cover to cover, and not left gathering dust on a book shelf somewhere forgotten at home … I don't own a lot of them, but whatever I had, they've been read ragged at the page-edges, ever so gently. Hey, I take care of my mags, okay? LOL"

(First posted here, yes I am quoting myself, so there LOL)