The SINGING BRYOPHYTE by Moss Dolls on Kickstarter

Monika at MOSS DOLLS sends word of her Kickstarter for her first designer toy, the “Singing Bryophyte” - and that the project has since been 100% funded (*Congratulations!), and with 10 days still left of the campaign, they have since added stretch goals to unlock further goodies for all the new owners-to-be of handpainted Singing Bryophyte toys.
"Made by Cooper who are producing the edition of 100 in the UK kindly sent us the very first prototype ahead of schedule. I was able to paint him to showcase how the LE of 100 Bryophytes will look. Each Bryophyte will be airbrushed in various shades of mossy greens by myself." - shared Monika.
Find out how you can be a part of this (if you have not already) by check out the project on

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A post shared by Moss Dolls (@mossdolls) on

(Cheers for the headsup, Monika)


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