Three Sisters (“Buttercup”) by Kyle Kirwan for Choking Hazard: An Exhibition about Toys @ Kult Gallery, Singapore (Opening Feb 17th)

In anticipation of this coming Choking Hazard: An Exhibition about Toys @ Kult Gallery (Opening Feb 17th), today we have a closer look at the submission from U.S.-based artist Kyle Kirwan ( / Instagram @kylekirwan / Tagged #onTOYSREVIL)!
"The Piece is called The Three Sisters or Buttercup and is made from baby dolls, beads, acrylic paint and epoxy. -shared Kyle.
Scroll down for more snaps and as well a lil'Q&A with Kyle himself, about the genesis of this piece! “Choking Hazard: An Exhibition about Toys” exhibits thru March 18th, 2017.


TOYSREVIL: What inspired you for the idea of using dolls and the theme for this construct?
KYLE KIRWAN: It was kinda happenstance, I knew I wanted to do something creepy and baby dolls fit the bill better than any of the other ideas I was playing around with. The theme of the show was to remix and repurpose mass production toys so I was dependent on finding the right pieces to work source from. I happened to find a bag of baby dolls at a thrift store and knew right away where to go. I got lucky with that find!

TOYSREVIL: Why the name "Three Sisters"? And why the alternate name of "Buttercup”?
KYLE KIRWAN: Just about everything I make I try to work into The Mudcat Chronicles setting in some form and usually while I'm working on the piece I flesh out a back story if I don't have one in mind when I start. Often customs and one off pieces become interesting lore or supporting characters, I just let my imagination go where it will.

The Three Sisters are a set of monstrous parasitic beings (represented on this sculpture by the blue/green growth looking thing on the right) that have lived for thousands of years. This one is nicknamed Buttercup by her sisters. They don't often inhabit the same regions but have come together in the past during extraordinary circumstances.

They all live in remote areas far from civilization preying on anything that wanders into their territory. Most people don't even believe they exist. The Three Sisters are particularly gruesome monsters, once they infect a host they can replicate and manipulate the biological aspects of the creature in anyway they would like. Buttercup bonded with an infant centuries ago and morphed herself into the nightmare you see.

@ Emily Hill, Blk C2-5
11 Upper Wilkie Rd
Singapore 228120

(Cheers for the headsup, Kyle)

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