As per the title, featured here are “TOYSREVIL’S TOP TEN MOST DESIRABLE TOYS OF 2016” AKA “Toys I Really, Really, Really Want”, but do not own, WANT to own, but alas elude my toy-grasp at this juncture of my #toylife … so instead of whining about my lack on my social medias, I’ll list them out on my blog instead! (*Made sense in my mind when I was writing these tho LOL).

*DISCLAIMER: All the collectibles listed here are of my own personal choice and preferences - of what I WANT in my own collection, and not necessarily for YOUR collection - but *Hi-5* all around if my lists mirror yours though! :)

*Note that this list does not include 1/6th-scaled collectibles, which I hope to do up another “Top Ten” list, but we’ll see … writing this already left me quite depressed for all the toys I want but do not have, okay? :p

Scroll down for a gander at my Toy Wish List - and they are not numbered nor ranked, as I want them ALL hahahaha

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I have a very few selection of “Toy Grails” in my humble toy-collecting journey, one of which are the animal-hybrid-vehicles of New York artist Jeremy Fish - whose concept stands alone in the designer toy genre, and I had hoped his latest BISON VAN (produced by 3D Retro) would not become a unachievable “toy grail”, but …

Thus far a trio of editions have been made available: The OG (from 2015 - #DOWANT), the Burger Edition and GID in 2016.

One day I will have a “garage” of Jeremy Fish collectibles.

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The moment I laid my hands on the unpainted vinyls, I knew I’d fallen for DINO by MonsterLittle x Unbox Industries - especially the Black with Red accents - perfectly in-synch color match to my blog! Alas it was not my colorway to be had, nor do I own this adorable vinyl dinosaur … but I am crossing my fingers one day I am able to :)

(DINO is seen above battling a custom-painted “Bubble” by ZiQi of Monster Little)

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THE GIGANTIC CRAB KAIJU by Judi Yang x Unbox Industries - So far the first colorway has been unleashed for pre-orders, while a second one (Blue Crab version most recently seen at Toy Soul 2016) perhaps wait at the wings… A menacing, unique-look at crustaceans turned “kaiju monster”, and something I truly would LOVE to have to menace my toy-collection LOL


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THE ASTRONAUT by Alex Pardee x ToyQube is an intensely awesome collectible-make of a Pardee-design, not stingy-ing on the mucus-like ooze, and the result is far exact replica of Pardee’s art, in 3-D form, IMHO. The clear-tinted “mucus” is the key, and the muscus works wonders here!

A trio of editions since seen: Pink (Original), Abominable and Toxic. I’ll take all three, thanks!

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Melita Curphy AKA Miss Monster has been sculpted and painting a fantasy menagerie of awesomeness in the form of CHUBNOG, CRAGNOG, HAWGMAW and FLOCCULENT CRAW (from 2015), and having a hand-painted one would be THE highlight of any year for me! And one day, I too will have a magical zoo of Miss Monster’s Monsters!

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To say Candie Bolton’s BAKE-KUJIRA (produced by Toy Art Gallery) is “AMAZING”, is an understatement of the year! Candie’s interpretation of a character from yokai-lore results in an extremely unique looking and weirdly sexy vinyl collectible to be had - from the production colorways, to the limited run editions, to the hand-painted beauties from Candie herself, they are eye-candy for the art soul!


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GWEN THE CORGI from Eric Christian brings both a ready smile and a furore’d frown to my toy-loving heart. Sadly the one time “blogging” about a product has left me no reprieve to purchase something I had really wanted, no replies to my queries even until now… But NO, this is not about ME, just WHAT I WANT … Look at her face, how could anyone NOT want her? LOL


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I had been utter fascinated by THE WORST line-up of villains from Super7, ever since they broke into the scene in San Diego Comic Con 2016 - in their Blank White Edition, and the subsequent Graveyard Shift Edition and upcoming GID / Glow Edition has left me salivating for them ALL! I would so build them a "Villains Headquarters" to enact their villainy out of! LOL


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Series One and Series 2 of Hands In Factory’s BABY HORNS are prized possessions in my humble toy-collection, and when Series 3 was revealed, I was heart-broken I could not afford them … and when came the NEW ERA Releases, then PRRC and GFX Edition were unleashed onlineI was already gasping for air! Three Months Earlier, they would’ve been mine without a thought…

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I have mad-love for Peter Kato’s BEDTIME BUNNIES - having owned the first Vinyl version by Clutter, and his earlier resin versions, and even had a limited run for my 10th Anniversary! Then came the SWEET DREAMS: INFECTED BEDTIME BUNNIES by Scott Wilkowski (another artist whom I am gagging to have a collectible of) x Kato for Clutter - which has since been listed as “Out of Stock” in it’s 100pcs-run. Now this is ONE Toy-Dream I no longer have a chance to hold unto…

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And you thought I’d end with only “10”? Of course there are TONS more! Including EVA X Godzilla from Bandai (*Actually ALL Evangelion collectibles, thanks LOL), Max Toy Co’s MAX BOY, Martin Ontiveros’s GLAMPYRE and James Groman’s B.C. BLASTERS - both produced by Toy Art Gallery, WhereChappell’s Boba Fett, Tyler, Donnie and Frank set - Heck! I want ALL his figures, c’mon! … and of course EVERYTHING (that I don’t already own) listed on my TOP TEN TOY HIGHLIGHTS FOR 2016!