TRUMP LIVES by TIMEBANDITS x Vile Consumption for (In) Action Figures #5 @ Clutter Gallery (Feb 11)

"Whether you are for him or against him... he's all around you. There's no escaping him. You will CONSUME BIGLY and he will MAKE AMERICA OBEY AGAIN..."
#TrumpLives is a limited edition resin figure to exclusively available at Clutter Gallery's (In) Action Figures #5 Show on Feb 11th. Priced at US$85.00 each, with only 5 pieces to be had - this world-timely collab is brought to you by TIMEBANDITS x Vile Consumption, with the crew including ToddAction, David Arshawsky.

[ Still image HERE on Facebook ]

(Cheers for the headsup, Jonathan)


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