War of Order: Vol 02 - THE PERFECT MASTER in 1/6 by Devil Toys

Released for pre-orders on February 8th, is Devil Toys’ “War of Order: Vol 02 - THE PERFECT MASTER” in 1/6th-scale. Price is US$180 (shipping inclusive) on www.deviltoys.com.hk, with an option of an add-on “Providence Commander Costume” priced at US$25. Paypal and Credit card payments accepted only. Estimated delivery is JUNE 2017.

Source: Devil Toys

While a full figure was on display at Taipei Toy Festival 2016 last year, folks in Singapore had a chance to view the unpainted prototype of “The Perfect Master” at last year’s STGCC2016, and I am jazzed to see the development into the current bad-ass character figure seen in the ad-images!

I’ve always enjoyed the genre designs in Devil Toys’ mecha+humanoid creations, plus the effort they put into the characters back stories, make them “alive” to me, IMHO.

(Event images by Thero Dennis)


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