A Closer Look at Customs by JonPaul Kaiser x JRYU for SKULLHEAD SAMURAI Group Art Show

The doors to FLABSLAB will open is a short few hours tonight for when the Skullhead Samurai Custom Art Show is launched, and we take a slightly closer look at the entries from Jon-Paul Kaiser x J*RYU, along with a little “explanation” of the customs, thanks to JPK - who in fact was the co-designer for the original “Skullhead Samurai” vinyl figure with Huck Gee, produced by Pobber Toys, released at STGCC 2016!

TOYSREVIL: How did the collaboration concept with Jryu come about? Which came first - The Collaboration or the Story?
JONPAUL KAISER The collaboration came about first, JRYU and I had talked at length about our ideas for this industry and scene. He has an incredible mind for both aesthetics and concept, really driving what the boundaries are for what a toy can be and how to push for a deeper narrative to expand the meaning beyond just the way a figure looks.

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JRYU: ”Both parts of this set were constructed and sculpted in Los Angeles, then shipped to London for the masterful paintwork, and then finally to Singapore for the exhibition. Between the two sets there are 32 separate elements that make up the scenes, made from expoxy, wood, plastic and paper in addition to the base vinyl figure.

The praying female was sculpted from scratch and the lanterns encase flickering battery-powered candles. While it may seem like there are two separate characters featured between the two sets, there is actually only one entity featured in our narrative. Lastly, look closely at the crest to reveal our little imprint on these pieces. Hope that you enjoy this piece, thank you for checking it out.”

TOYSREVIL: I did not realise until I saw the video (from @davidthekiller) that there were actually two figures! I thought it was a singular custom with articulated hands! For all intents and purposes, are the characters one and the same?

What’s their story? In fact, if there were a “sequential” aspect to the two custom sets, which figure/set comes first?

JONPAUL KAISER: The two parts are sections of the story; in the first the female figure is in prayer, her ancestral armour and weapons stacked behind her as she calls upon the strength of her forebears. The second scene she is wearing the armour, empowered with the co fiction that her ancestors are with her as she prepares to do battle.

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(Additional splendid pics & video by @davidthekiller)