ALIENS WARRIOR 18" Classic Toy Edition - Matte Black Colorway by Super7 On Pre-Order Now!

"My mommy always said there were no monsters.. No real ones.. but there are." - Newt
“Kids”, man, you gotta listen to them! Another person you need to be listening to: “Your Toy-Loving Gut” - when it tells you to GET THAT new ALIENS WARRIOR from Super7!

Pre-orders have since launched for their 18-Inch Classic Toy Edition, with this MATTE BLACK colorway priced at US$195.00 here for a late-March 2017 ship-out!
"In 1979, Kenner released an 18-inch Alien for the ALIEN film and that toy became one of the most sought after ALIEN collectibles. Last year at San Diego Comic-Con, Super7 unleashed the imagined successor to that original toy with the Super Size 18-inch Alien Warrior Prototype from the 1986 sequel ALIENS. Now the war against the Xenomorphs continues with the "Classic Toy" Matte Black 18-inch Super Size Alien Warrior!
Fully articulated with glow accents, metallic snapping jaws (operated with a trigger on the back of the head like the 1979 toy), and retro style packaging."

Folks at the recent New York Toy Fair 2017 saw TWO colorways on display, so at least you’d expect and can plan for your purchases.

(Seen on display @ New York Toy Fair 2017)