BABY PUFT by Alex Solis x Mighty Jaxx - First in #BabyTerrors Soft Vinyl Releases!

ITEM: BABY TERROR - BABY PUFT by Alex Solis x Mighty Jaxx
DESCRIPTION: 8-inch / 20cm tall Soft Vinyl Collectible
QUANTITY: “Limited Production”
PRICE: US$80.00
DELIVERY: Product Ships in 2nd Quarter

This “baby-rized“ interpretation of the infamous “Stay Puff Marshmallow Man” demon in “Ghostbusters” is now morphed into Baby Puff” will be the first of more “Baby Terrors” to be released (check out some reposted here) and is a handy 8-inch tall SOFT VINYL collectible, which is always a PLUS - especially a figure of that size/height - if as a resin piece once dropped, shattered pieces and toy-loving hearts will be hard(er) to quell … but “vinyl”? *Two-Thumbs-Up-Mighty-Jaxx!*


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