“Blood On My Hands” by Luke Chueh @ Secret Fresh, Manila (19.2017)

Luke Chueh Blood On My Hands
"Blood On My Hands” is my debut show in the Philippines. As such, I wanted to create a show that might serve as a proper introduction to my work. Back when I started painting, blood was an important part of my narrative. Pain, suffering, loss, love, life… This and so much more can be construed from the simple red liquid. As such, some of my most popular paintings and toys featured a bloodied bear or rabbit. And though my current work has mostly moved away from the use of blood, I decided to use this opportunity to revisit the theme.” - Luke Chueh - March 2017, Manila, Philippines (Facebooked

Luke Chueh’s “Blood On MY Hands” solo show (WHAT) launched Sunday at Secret Fresh in Manila, and was a runaway successful show with most (if not all) items and artwork spoken for even before the gallery doors opened (*Congrats all around), so alas for folks waiting to purchase Luke Chueh’s art and hand-painted 21” tall Possessed statues (or cradle them like Luke does in the above pic), we have instead sone images to share of the venue, thanks to Mr Chueh.
"Thanks to everyone who came out to @secretfreshgallery last night. I haven't had a sell out like this in a while, so it felt great. Looking forward to the sequel. See you next year!" (Parting shot from Luke Chueh)