BUDDHA FETT & BART2-D2 Resin Releases from The Forces of Dorkness

Scott Kinnebrew A.K.A. The Forces of Dorkness sends over snaps and info of TWO new Star Wars-“inspired” resin releases - with BUDDHA FETT and BART2-D2 - both of whom are available via forcesofdorkneas.storenvy.com. Both releases will also ship with one the new Forces of Dorkness stickers and come from deep in the heart of Texas.

"First off is Buddha Fett, the classic makes another return. This time around it's high gloss sparkle UV reactant colors and GID Jades. 13 pieces in total bagged (zipper on the bottom) with brand new header art. Each Buddha Fett comes with a very special sticker (one of 2 possible) that is made up of posts from a bootlegger that decided to throw some weak shade years ago when the original release of mine came out. Each one is $25 dollar and shipping is $3.95 in the US.”
"Secondly is Bart2-D2, everyone's favorite robot boy from Springfield, Tatooine. This round is a direct result of a leak at the Power Plant. Just like Buddha Fett, Bart2-D2 comes in Sparkle UV or GID Jades. Originally released at NYCC bagged with a Header Card, this time he comes in a Clamshell with brand new art. Limited to 10 pieces. $19.95 each and shipping is $3.95 in the US."
(Cheers for the headsup, Scott)