Creeping Flesh: Dan Brereton's Monster Girls Trading Cards from Sidekick Lab on Kickstarter

Launched on Kickstarter is the “Creeping Flesh: Dan Brereton's Monster Girls” Trading Card series from Sidekick Lab - whereby a premium wax pack trading card set featuring the incredible artwork of comic book veteran and writer/illustrator Dan Brereton, await supporters!
"Each set will contain 19 retro picture cards and 1 sticker card, packaged in a hand-folded and heat-sealed wax wrapper. The cards and pack are printed entirely in the USA, and are designed to replicate the look and feel of classic trading cards from the 1960s and 70s.

The cards are printed on old school cardboard chip stock, and the wrapper coated in real wax; hold them in your hands and you'll be instantly transported back to your childhood! "

"My co-collaborators on this project and I have often discussed doing a monster card set of some kind over the past several years ( of our association working on a certain notorious non-sports card franchise) and we finally took the plunge- having no idea really what to expect . I've always maintained monsters are beloved and monster cards most of all , but we hadn't thought to incorporate pin-up art into the equation. Thus CREEPING FLESH was born ( or raised)!
We're very happy to see those of you out there who agree . Who knows what this could portend for artists and lovers of monster art ?"
(Dan Brereton)

I normally do not post Trading-Card-themed Kickstarters, but about artwork from "Dan Brereton"?

Being huge fan of Dan Brereton’s work back when I was actively procuring comicbooks/graphic novels, I devoured his NOCTURNALS, and wished for a trading card set (which, yes, I devoured T/Cs inanely as well, “back in the day”), and now! OH MAN! How about having that uncut sheet of trading cards tho???!!!!! (*No, not part of the KS, but I heart myself sum uncut sheets lol).

Head up to the ”Creeping Flesh” Kickstarter to sort yourselves out! Now here are some schweet looks at a trio of gorgeous ladies (Thanks, Tom!)