EDVILSION by Rifky Misa x Riandi Sumadinata

STORY: "One of the Edminion have been affected and possessed by one of Evilsion Army when it traveled around the world. So they transform into the new look and it called "Edvilsion". Now Edvilsion is one of the Evilsion army and will join to hypnotized all people around the world using the power of the darkside of the moon."

"Edvilsion" is a collaboration between Rifky Misa and Riandi Sumadinata. Based on Riandi’s character “Edminion” mixed with Rifky Misa’s “Mr. Evilsion” character, with the body form sculpted by Riandi into Evilsion, and with the 4" Inch tall figure hand-painted by Rifky.

The result was on display at the recent Urban Toy Stage over last weekend (images below of the displays). Check out still images HERE on Facebook, and stay connected to Rifky Misa via his Instagram @er_misaa and rifkymisa.wixsite.com/mrevilsion.

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I had asked Rifky what was his personal impressions of the show, and how the response was for the exhibition, to which he replied:
RIFKY MISA: “This event is a very good event because it's the first event for Urban Toys only in Indonesia, I think. And it's good to introduce the regular folks in Indonesia about “urban toys”, because here there are many people who still don't know about this thing, not much anyway. And their response was good, and they were interested to see the exhibition maybe because they got to see a “new thing” and they get to meet and see the artist or designer who made those toys. This event will be held again next year I think. :)”