KURT COBAIN by Russell Taysom for #ChokingHazard

Choking Hazard Kurt Cobain

And while I might have heard ever quite faintly the warped strains of “Smells Like Wrestling Spirits” from “Kurt Cobain” hung at the indie toys rack Choking Hazard - between Sucklord’s GAY EMPIRE and @betterdaystoys’ BAPHOMET - I thought to bug it’s creator RUSSELL TAYSOM for a word or two about the figure’ genesis, innit?

TOYSREVIL: What is the concept of your Kurt Cobain figure? Please share with the readers your breakdown!
RUSSELL TAYSOM: It's based on a drawing I did called "Kurt revenge" where Kurt comes back and kicks everyone's ass. The idea is if Kurt Cobain started injecting steroids instead of heroin and shot all his enemies instead of himself. I wanna make it into a comic and maybe a short animation in the future.

I also wanna do a bunch other musicians casting Hasbro wrestling figures as the base. Got an idea for a GG Allin figure with Luke Bushwacker's head and Hacksaw Jim Duggan's body. Problem is I'll have to hand paint all his tattoo's. I'm also working on a Black Hulk hogan and a two headed legion of doom.

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TOYSREVIL: While I assume the reference for the name is your take on the late lead singer for Nirvana ... but ... (I kept reading it as "Kurt CoBRAIN" for some weird reason :p)
RUSSELL TAYSOM: Ha that's funny. My friends band had a song called "Kurt Co-brain" which was about how the singer listened to too much Nirvana and he thought Kurt had taken over his mind.

TOYSREVIL: Can you share with the readers of my blog - WHO Russell Taysom is? WHAT he does, and WHERE folks can go to get more of you?
RUSSELL TAYSOM: I'm an artist and illustrator from Hereford but living in London. I mostly do stuff for bands but have done illustrations for magazines including NME, Complex, The Portland Mercury, Bullet, Kult and Artrocker. I make Flabby Dagger zine with my friend Charlie Mellors which is a bunch of punk rock comics and illustrators we like and I recently started Doom Mutants toy collective with my mate Ben Rider and we'll be exhibiting at ToyCon UK this April. If people wanna check out my work they can find my on Instagram @russelltaysom and at my website www.russelltaysom.com or come to ToyCon and say hi.

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