March Of Robots 2017

First day of the Month of March (here in Singapore, a rainy morning it still is), and the month-long Instagram-based sketch challenge known as “MARCH OF ROBOTS” begins anew!
"MARCH is about to get ROBOT HEAVY!!! 31 days x 31 bots Sharpen this pencils and power up those tablets! Show off your positronic love! Tag it with #marchofrobots2017 and post them everywhere”! (@chocolatesoop)
Organised by Dacosta!, this is one of two annual sketch projects I join-in for (along with #Inktober in October), whereby you are tasked to doodle/draw/illustrate a single image featuring “ROBOTS”, everyday for the entire month of March!

I did not manage to complete my 2016 project, and am frankly not prepared at all for this years! But I appreciate the distraction, and opportunity to push myself to “create”, rather than “regurgitate” news for my blog(s) LOL

Join Me? :)

Cheers & Doodle-ON,

*Join in for a chance to win one of 4 Wacom Intuos “Art” Medium & Wacom Wireless Kit (More).

The 3 Laws of Robotics:

1. Drawings can be digital or analogue, but it must be drawn by you and it has to be a robot or depict scene featuring a robot.

2. Hashtag your drawings with #marchofrobots and post it to Instagram and any other social spot you like. Twitter, tumblr, etc.

3. Have fun with it!