MASTER OF THE GIANT CLAW Custom from JonPaul Kaiser

JonPaul Kaiser is on constant FIRE, and his latest custom hand-paint is yet another reason this gentleman from the United Kingdom is on the TOP of his field, IMHO. Witness the second figure from Mame Moyashi, their Lobster character Master The Giant Claws, which he has since retitled “MASTER OF THE GIANT CLAW”!
"This is a private commission for a collector who left the theme totally open to me. With his spiked carapace, this was quite a challenge. However I blended the natural coloration of the lobster shall with the traditional Japanese tattooing style which I think words quite effectively." - shared JPK.
And isn’t it time now YOU commissioned the gent? Email “” NOW.

You can thank me later, when you receive his splendidness :)


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