Mighty Jaxx Annual Membership with Daisey Edition Skull Bomb Drops April 1st

Mighty Jaxx has announced that they’ll be opening up their Annual Membership Enrolment Drive this year, along with the release of the Daisy Edition Skull Bomb by Jason Freeny, happening April 1st, and this is not a April Fools’ Joke, people!
UPDATED: "Enrolment into Mighty Jaxx: Unlawful Assembly will be accepted for those with a valid purchase of the Daisy Edition Skull Bomb by Jason Freeny during the period of 24 Hours only on April Fools Day, 10A.M EST."
MIGHTYJAXX: ”Beginning at 10am EST on April Fools' Day, we will be releasing the Daisy Edition Skull Bomb by Jason Freeny for a period of 24 Hours only. All customers who make a purchase of the Daisy Edition Skull Bomb will be enrolled into our Mighty Jaxx: Unlawful Assembly for a period of 1 year and will be entitled to exclusive privileges such as private exclusive product catalogue, advance purchase permissions and a regular dose of discount codes, secret sales, freebies and even seasonal surprises from us!”

"Price" is currently not revealed, so here's a reference point fro previous product release:

The 7-inch tall resin Skull Bomb was first released in 2014, and this latest incarnation is the first milky-clear aesthetic, and features a haunting juxtaposition between being a weapon of destruction, versus the beauty of the blooming flower encased inside it’s death, making one of the more powerful “message” in a collectible, where there might not necessarily be any, IMHO.