"Miwu---I SEE YOU" Custom by Burning Monster × 6HL6

Han Ning of 6HL6 has customized a Miwu Fly M45 (Originally made by art toy team Burning Monster in South Korea / Previously featured). “I SEE YOU” is named after art life brand 6HL6's central concept: ”The Window of the Soul.”

“Miwu---I SEE YOU” will be showed in Taipei in April, and Korea in May along with Burning Monster's exhibition.

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"Her eyes are presented with diamond rhinestones. The flashing eyes express abstractly what she is feeling when Miwu are flying in universe.

The whole work is almost in white, red and silver as brightening-up, and two teams' names in black graffiti are showed on the column of light. Using black and white contrast and diamond eyes is in order to bring us the experience of science technology in future

Hoping we can go into our rich hearts through Miwu's flashing eyes ,leading ourselves infinite think about traveling in the beautiful and wonderful world.

I am waiting for you in the future, I SEE YOU!"

Email: hanning0564@sina.com
Instagram @hn0564

(Cheers for the headsup, Han Ning)


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