My First (Non-Spoiler) Positive Impressions of #GHOSTINTHESHELL Movie

I caught GHOST IN THE SHELL on Thursday morning March 30th in Singapore, and had tweeted my first impressions (posted HERE on PopcornX yesterday), while featured HERE today, is an edited (for grammar and spelling) version - still Non-Spoilery, still First-Impressions - plus a little disclaimer, for when I attempt a totally SPOILERY post over the weekend, because I have TONS more to say about the movie than just these :p
”Go into #GhostInTheShell not expecting a direct copy of the 1995 anime, and you'll have a fine time being “surprised” with nods sprinkled all over the film. And while longtime (hardcore) fans might argue more could be packed into #GhostInTheShell film, as a general release it already is dense enough, IMO.

For folks still angling for the #whitewashing controversy in #GhostInTheShell, the issue of identity is addressed & I (personally) like it am fine with it, (and) in light of identity issue addressed, #ScarletJohansson does extremely well in GITS, and I wouldn't want anyone else.

Do not miss #GhostInTheShell if you have the chance. I am now glad I have 2 GITS in my life = the Anime(s) and this film :)

Sat in the credits, listening to the iconic #GhostInTheShell theme, and held back tears of joy, i sh*t you not. GOOD WATCH. Enjoy, people!”

In closing this particular post, I’ll argue that while this film may not necessarily be “the best” (and is far from "perfect"), it certainly did entertained me, and I am glad I caught it in the cinema hall (rather than a smaller screen at home etc).

ADDED: This is a “adaptation” and the current incarnation of the concept and story, and not necessarily the GITS you had loved/adored “before” this had gone Hollywood. Enjoy the film over the weekend, if you intend to watch it :)