New GWEN THE CORGI from Eric Noah @ #UrbanToyStage 2017

Making a debut at Urban Toy Stage was a NEW GWEN THE CORGI resin figure from Eric Christian AKA Eric Noah - where before we had seen the stylised stand-up incarnation of the adorable pooch, now Gwen “Sits Up” and she is again, utterly adorable!

Great form and sculpt methinks, aesthetically sensitive and delightful to see, and another highlight of artworks to come out of Indonesia, IMHO.

From the above-snaps (by @mrkumkum), seems the unpainted versions were available at the weekend event? Or maybe the coloured ones have already been snatched up? I wouldn’t be surprised at all though LOL … No online availability info as yet, but I’d recommend you stay tuned to his Instagram @eric_noah for updates.

Here are some more snaps to share, while a group display pic (by @davidthekiller) - which as well sees different incarnations of Gwen in larger sizes - including UPSIZED Mini Corgi! And if you are in Jakarta, Indonesia, head down to Kuningan City Mall where the show exhibits til March 5th Sunday, 2017!


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