"The Matlocks" - Custom Thimblestump Hollow figures by JonPaul Kaiser

UK-based toy-designer/customizer Jon-Paul Kaiser has unveiled an entire “family” of customs on his Instagram - utilizing “Thimblestump Hollow” mini figures (originally designed by Chris Ryniak & Amanda Louise Spayd and produced by Cardboard Spaceship Toys), with these being commissioned customs. A total of 10 figures were completed, and you can scroll down to read about their originals, regaled by JPK himself too!

“The Matlocks” needs to be made into a mini-series (in stop-motion or animation) with equal parts “The Addams Family”, “Twin Peaks” and daytime soaps, for that excessive OOMPH and AAAAHHHH!

Check out more of JPK’s work on www.jonpaulkaiser.com and Instagram @jonpaulkaiser.

This week I'll be posting up a project I very recently completed, piece by piece. I was commissioned to paint the entire Thimblestump Hollow series. The original series of figures was designed by @chrisryniak & @amandalouisespayd and produced by @cbspaceship The series represents the Matlock family, former aristocrats who have set out West across the rugged wilderness towards their new homestead at Scarlet Ridge. The family are accompanied by the few staff who stayed loyal to the family and are determined to make this venture work for all of them. The patriarch other the household is Papa Matlock; a string, staunch but naive man. His confidence and bluster mask his fears in front of the family. #handpainted #jpk #custom #jonpaulkaiser #thimblestumphollow #ryniak #spayd #victoriana #scarletridge #homesteaders

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IDLE 0095 said…
How do you buy these?
These are private commissioned customs, @IDLE 0095, and not available for open sales :p