The “Think Tank” by Plaseebo for group kaiju show #HIDDENFORTRESS @ Clutter Gallery (Opening March 11)

Launching March 11th @ Clutter Gallery is group kaiju show “Hidden Fortress” - featuring the works of Blobpus / Brent Nolasco / Erik Jacobus / Grizlli Atom / Guumon / Milkboy / Monsterfoot Creations / Oltretomba / Plaseebo / Punk Drunkers / Rampage Toys / Secret Demon Servies / The Outer Space Men and Tru:Tek! Curated by GUUMON, the show exhibits thru March 31st, 2017.

Bob Conge from Plaseebo shares with us snaps of one of the pieces he will have in the show, aptly named “THINK TANK”!


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