The Walled-Off Hotel by Banksy (Reservations Open March 11th)

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From a theme park drenched in depression and diaspora and now a luxury boutique hotel in an area of conflict and controversy - infamous graffiti artist known as “Banksy” has opened an establishment, in Bethlehem, called the “Walled Off Hotel” - the location of which rests beside the West Bank barrier, to which Banksy said to Channel4 News:
“Walls are hot right now, but I was into them long before Trump made it cool”.

You first enter the front doors of the establishment with the welcome of a Chimpanzee Bellboy, and on the ground floor you’ll be treated to what seemed to be a working boutique hotel - complete with a Bar, a Museum, an Art Gallery on the second floor, and 9 rooms complete with the necessary amenities - including wifi - one of which is the “Presidential Suite”, which boasts “the worst view of the world”, right out into a walled compound, guarded by a watch tower.

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Not only does the venue serve as a gallery for Banksy’s art and sculpture (as well as other curated artists), and as a political commentary, but as well they are presenting a full-on experience for the venue, including hotel stay!

Besides Banksy himself, both Sami Musa and Dominique Petrin has been credited to customising the rooms as well, so major kudos for an excellent job!

Looking at the images of the rooms, the abundance of faux luxury and tropical exuberance bathed in rich colours, is highly attractive, and I reckon I might enjoy a stay in this wonderfully designed boutique hotel comparable to others in it’s ilk, I dare say!

Watch Elton playing the opening party (remotely)

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Check into details on where amenities and facilities are laid out, as well as a curated series of events to come, including Concerts (FAT BOY SLIM Street Party on March 13th, PALESTINE MUSIC EXPO from APRIL 4th - 7th), Gallery Book Launch (Saturday 26th March 2-5pm), AND a “Shop” - with “WALL*MART” opening March 20th!

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The website states that “Reservations Desk Opens 11th March from 9AM GMT”, and it would be nigh interesting to see how folks react to this large scaled project, and how much it charges and what folks are willing to pay for a “Banksy Experience”, IMHO.

The address for the “Walled Off Hotel” is 182 Caritas Street, Bethlehem, Palestine.

Scroll down for a few more videos of the spot, clips of which are currently littered on youtube actually LOL

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