TOYSREVIL’s DEBOX 16.3.2017 Edition: Rediscovering Groovevisions’ Brockmann Light

This week’s edition of TOYSREVIL’s DEBOX (where I open a long-stored away box of toys and rediscover them with my camera lens) is the continuation of opening one of three (2 x Packs + 1 x Box) packages, first discovered in 3.3.2017’s DEBOX. Last week’s were gachas, and this week features collectible figure from Groovisions (Facebook / Twitter @groovisions)!

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The name of the series is “Brockmann Light Volume02 Wild Animals” - designed by Groovisions and produced by Cube Works. This set was released in 2004, and one of the very few “Brockmann Light” figure series to be released commercially (there was also the “Brockmann Light: Sport” / I reviewed one here), with this being a “blind box” series (AKA figures sealed in the box and you’d pick them out in random, without knowing what the figure is inside).

Standing 2.5 inches tall, this particular series had the Brockmann platform figures “dressed” as animals, with them looking like playful “mascots”, methinks! The “CAVEMAN” shown was one of two Chase figures (the other was also a Caveman, but with grey “hair”).

Alas, “Bear” is missing from the “basic” line-up here (which I scored the “Caveman A” chase, in lieu of).

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After over a decade, kept in a plastic box (seen in the DEBOX video), the “vinyl sweat” had claimed most, if not all, of the figures - leaving a sticky greasy-like substance all over the figures, and in the case of the white surfaces, a bit of browning has occured in most.

I’ve not attempted to wipe them off with a wet cloth tho, just by-stickiness off my fingers with tissue LOL

They look decidedly less spiffy here than they were when I purchased them in 2006 :p

Regardless, I love this series, and hold on to my Groovision figures, for “old times sake” :)

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