What is the Designer Toy Collective?

What is the Designer Toy Collective?

”We are a bespoke distribution channel
We are a Designer Toy Incubator
We are a one stop information source to a panel of experts in their field from 3D rendering & printing, traditional sculpting, resin casting, plush / fiber production, vinyl production and large scale fiberglass fabrication.”

The Designer Toy Collective (designertoycollective.com) consists of: Collect & Display, Strangecat Toys, KD Empire, Plastic & Heroes and Martian Toys. Primarily retailers on this list, the production aspect of collectible designer toys has since shifted from toy-brands, creators/designers themselves, to retailers turned producers, and have been for years, since folks like Rotofugi, and the (now defunct) Dragatomi.

With resources, connections and a channel for direct retail, the pipeline continues to shift, and collectors have more choices, and designers have more opportunity for their creations to be made “toy”!

The Designer Toy Collective are currently taking a poll here to see what the collector would like to see made next. ”After we collect the proper data we will get started on a full production run.” - and looking at the list, they show to be straddling both existing brand names (who have released production toys), and as well indie designers and customisers who do not have production pieces, and not necessarily focusing on either solely, IMHO. All “Western”-based names though.

Raison d’être (reason for being): "Due to increased costs in overseas manufacturing, domestic and international freight increases and the proliferation of sculpting and resin casting skill sets, the industry is now better suited for more smaller run resin productions almost daily vs the cyclical vinyl production schedule. There is still a time and place for vinyl production but for now we’ll put a pin in this..

Short run resin editions give artists the ability to control the timing, quality and even the message of his / her release. With the advent of store envy , etsy and other e-commerce turnkey solutions more and more artists can create, produce , market and sell their product direct. But it’s a balancing act between creating and selling. we as independent retailers can offer our insight and knowledge into what is trending in popularity and sales. We can also offer our opinion, advice and guidance when it comes to short run resin releases. This means less distraction and more creation. We offer a one stop location for a plethora of resources from 3D renderers, 3D printers, traditional sculpting, casting, to painting and more. Our preferred list of vendors give you the artist a level of comfort knowing you’ll get the results you want."


TR-JC / 3D-JC said…
These artists should also show at Affordable Art Fair and similar art marketplaces. The price range and artistic value / quality is comparable to works in the mainstream art category.