From NAUGHTYBRAIN comes “XuanZang” - a continuation of their "EAST TO WEST" series which sees a re-interpretation of traditional Chinese myth and folklore, married with the aesthetics of hip-hop, in a strong spirit of fashion, and the result is amazing!

“XuanZang” is the third art project to be revealed, after XINYUAN (心猿) and TIANPENG (天蓬)! How I missed featuring their earlier pieces is beyond me :p

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The embodiment of “rap” is seen in the hand movement of the character, which creator Curious Boy had redesigned using a classic JAY-Z gesture (representing “rap”), while the “A” gesture represents the feeling of Buddhism.

A trio of editions is revealed thus far: The Original Colored version, GOLD and BRONZE Versions - focused on this video promo I made;

“The figure (is made) into two large pieces, one is Xuanzang body, another is a head of the white dragon horse … we had want to subvert people’s image of the white dragon horse - when before the master was riding the horse, now the horse is riding the master.” - shared Curious Boy
No further availability details for this 26cm tall resin figure is as yet revealed, but you’d do well to stay connected via these www-venues;



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