A Closer Look at deadmau5 GRIN Vinyl Toy from Ron English x Toy Art Gallery

And while I’ve featured select images of the lifesize fiberglass and one-off coloured versions last week, this blog-post features a closer look at the deadmau5 GRIN vinyl toy!

Featuring images from Toy Art Gallery - producers for this Ron English x deadmau5 collaboration creation, the deadmau5 GRIN vinyl toy was priced at US$95 per (Source) and features articulation in the arms and neck as well as a UFO with removable flame base.

Do note that the exclusive RED deadmau5 GRIN was only available at the pop-up shop over April 1st (no doubt signed / autographed versions might have hit online auction sites, but I have not checked :p), while I would have no doubt further colorways (including the “black” shown?) would be available from shop.toyartgallery.com somewhen. Stay connected to Instagram @toyartgalery for updates, just in case :)

"The deadmau5 GRIN merges the unmistakable imagery of pop surrealist painter Ron English with the iconic avatar of Deadmau5, synthesizing art and music into its most playable form. Toy Art Gallery, in collaboration with LiveNation, Deadmau5, and Ron English, spent three years on the develop of the Deadmau5 Grin project, from original concept to soft vinyl toy."