A Lookback at SUCKLORD600 by The Sucklord for #throwbacktoythursday

Released in end-2007, the SUCKLORD600 vinyl action figure was a manifestation of The Sucklord’s hip-hop Boba Fett-ish character he had created and wore for conventions and self-promotions. Limited to only 100pcs, I did not wait long before snagging one, and wished I had snagged MORE, at the very least I could still have one still in the blister-carded back! Although I must say I’ve had plenty toy-fun with it, and even liked as my Top Toy of 2007!

(Above: Playtime with Sucklord600 / Below: My artwork for “Lord Ravage”
custom-Sucklord600 ... Yes, I’m showing-off, and I don’t care :p))

A bevy of group custom shows for the 5-inch tall figure happened subsequently with “Suck-Off 1” (2008, where I even did a custom for, since listed as *Missing In Action*) and “Suck-Off 2” (2009), and very sadly, not heard much from since.

The #SUCKLORD600 vinyl action figure by @sucklord from 2007 for today's #throwbacktoythursday! #toylife

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One of the more memorable collectibles in my #toylife, I’ve always felt that the SUCKLORD600 was an oft overlooked and under-rated production “appropriation toy” (even before such a term was coined) in the corner of this “scene” we dwell in, IMHO.

The SUCKLORD600 is going to be ten years old this October (my estimation), and here’s hoping there’ll be some sort of “celebration” to be had! Hey, wouldn't it be great if The Sucklord came to Singapore for the annual STGCC? Would anyone in SG be interested to see that happen? :)