Cracked Hatchet / WhereChappell for #ToyConUK 2017

If you are a fan of (*raises hands*) UK-based artist Ian Chappell AKA “Cracked Hatchet” (TAGGED #onTOYSREVIL), you’d want to make a beeline to Booth #2 at the coming ToyCon UK (April 29-30, 2017) - where he’ll be offering NEW sculpts and multiple colorway editions of the following few hand-painted resin awesomeness:

“WHERE THE WOOKIE THINGS ARE” - featuring a mash-up between Boba Fett and a Wookie, by-way of a lurking monster from “Where The Wild Things Are”! And while all 4 colorways (Proto/Jedi/Kenner/Holiday) will be on display at ToyConUK, they will not be for sale. The “EMPIRE” colorway featured below is a ToyCon Exclusive, limited to just 5 pieces.

“SPRING MATSUKO” - featuring his original creation of Matsuko dressed in her overalls, with an axe embedded in a stump as “accessories”. There have been quite a few Star Wars-themed Matsukos produced in the past too … would the appear at his booth this time? :p

As always the color choices are in a muted palette of earthy tones, and frankly gives it a stronger sense of "gravitas" that lifts the original sculpts (by Ian himself) into a realm of "designed" art piece, IMHO.

YES, I sorta really like this works, thanks for asking :)

“WINTER MATSUKO” - now dressed in her winter parka, in a variety of colorways (that Carhartt-camo is TO DIE FOR!).

No further info (price nor quantity per design) has been revealed as yet, so you’d do well to stay connected to his Instagram @whereschappell for further updates! Any pieces unspoken for at the 2-day event will be added to his online shop thereafter.