DEADMOUSE Is Coming To Town! Courtesy of 1000Tentacles

Designer/Sculptor/Artist Leong Wan Kok of 1000Tentacles introduces to us his latest toy creation, “DeadMouse”! Sized 15.5W x 25H x 6.5D (in centimetres), this hand-painted resin figure has a limited run of only 60pcs worldwide, and has a scheduled delivery date in the first quarter of 2018.

The vigilante undead mouse wields his double-bladed knife, to avenge his kin! So “dark” his bleeds infinite FUN!

Folks interested to score one are to contact them direct via or email “”.

Meanwhile, do scroll down for more snaps and words, including a peek at the earlier incarnation of DeadMouse, seen at STGCC 2016!

STORY OF DEADMOUSE: Every night, rats scavenging houses to houses for food. They make the place and street dirty and human hates their guts. They are being hunted and terminated by human being in big scale.

For all the dead mouses, they felt extremely upset , unfair and grow a strong sense of hatred toward human being. Their spirits are unrest.
"We are merely trying to survive by finding food. What's there to be blamed? Why hunt us down? What is the fault in simply surviving?” These are the thoughts of the dead mouses.”

(DeadMouse prototype at STGCC2016 / images by Thero Dennis)
The unrest spirits gathered and manifested into a giant DeadMouse. From that day onward, hunter are being hunted. Every night, DeadMouse will go house to house, finding those who killed his kin and revenge for them.

Have you ever killed a mouse before? If yes, then you better be careful of the revenge of the DeadMouse, because ... DeadMouse Is Coming To Town!

(Above: DeadMouse Resin “clones”!
Below: Hand-painting DeadMouse)

We previously had seen the initial prototype sculpt of the DeadMouse at last year’s Singapore Toy Games & Comic Con (see above), and since then, Wankok had designed a weapon for him, and given him a new “tail”, with the featured up top being the finalised version! And don’t forget WanKok is as well a published comicbook illustrator with 1000Tentacles, now check out a comic-strip for DeadMouse!

(Looks great, WanKok!)